General Rules

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  • Pupils must reach the school at least ten minutes before the first bell. From class V onwards they are marked absent if late.
  • Pupils must come to school in proper neat and tidy uniform.
  • Pupils are not allowed to leave the school premises without prior permission of the Principal.
  • Pupils are not granted leave except in case of illness. Those suffering from illness must produce a proper medical certificate.
  • Pupils are liable to punishment for irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of home work, disobedience and disrespect to any member of the staff.
  • Pupils must conduct themselves properly on their way to and from school.
  • All text books, notebooks and school diary should be brought every day. Parents must check the diary every day and keep track of the child’s progress.
  • Home work should be done neatly and without fail.
  • Parents are expected to co-operate in the work of the school in particular enforcing regularity and discipline by taking interest in their ward’s progress.
  • Duplicate copies of Transfer Certificate will not be issued.
  • Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones. If they do so it will be returned only after paying the fine of rupees 1000/-.
  • Students using unfair means during examination will face disciplinary action.
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