Various clubs like Literary, Social Science & Disaster Management, Science & Eco Friendly, Mathematics & commerce, SUPW are operational in the school. Inaugurating and closing ceremonies of these clubs are held time to time exhibiting the work prepared by students on the display board. These clubs are organized to ensure maximum participation of the students in various competitions and activities held. Students also present morning talks on topics related to the particular clubs.

1. Literary Club (English, Hindi, Sanskrit)

Various activities like Role play, Story telling, Declamation, Group Discussion, Comprehension were conducted for senior and senior secondary department in English. Various activities were conducted in Hindi and Sanskrit too to enhance the verbal comprehension, fluency and build the confidence of the students.

2. Social Science & Disaster Management Club

Poster Competition, Dress competition on our leaders, Model Parliament, Patriotic poem Competition and Cutting and pasting competition. These activities are conducted keeping in mind the development of the interest of the students towards the subject.

3. Science & Eco Friendly Club

The activities to be conducted during the Science and EVS club includes Quiz Competition, Road Sign through bus activity, Multiple choice questionnaires, Fun with pictures, Guessing and telling competition, Crosswords puzzle and many more. These activities are conducted to inculcate the scientific temper of the children and to arouse the interest towards the subject.

4. Mathematics & Commerce Club

Activities included are as follows: Mental Drill, Dodging tables Competition, Mathematics Quiz, Wheel Of Fortune, Skill Test activity, Fun with numbers etc. Through these activities we try to develop the skills such as reasoning, testing, memorizing and many more.

5. S.U.P.W Activities

S.U.P.W activities hold an important place in the school curriculum. It inculcates the aesthetic values in the students. It also train the students in various skills and acquaint them with the growing need. Many activities conducted were on the spot competition, collage making, rangoli making, slogan writing competition, quotation writing , story telling competition, poem recitation competition and many more.

6. Tiny Tots Club

It caters to the most tender and innocent needs of the children. The main aim of the club is to conduct activities full of zeal and energy which can make the learning process more enjoyable and interesting such as origami, Tearing and Pasting, Free hand drawing etc which help in their aesthetic development. Children are also taught moral stories, rhymes etc with proper facial expressions, which help them in their all round development. Activities related to dance and drama are also taken up to enhance the cognitive development of the children. Students are also awarded the certificates of excellence during Mini- Graduation ceremony where they show their latent talents.