Admission and Withdrawal Procedure

Admission Procedure
Academic Year : April To March
Registration : A child seeking admission to the school must get his/her name registered.
Admission : Students are admitted at the age of 3+ years in M1 and 4+ years in M2 Admission in other classes is finalized after an admission test and Interview provided there is a vacancy in the required class. A Municipal Birth Certificate or Transfer Certificate attended by the student must be attached with the admission form.
Withdrawal Procedure

One month’s clear notice in writing or one month’s tuition fee in Lieu thereof is required for the withdrawal of a pupil from the school. If the notice for withdrawal is given after the 10th of April, all the Annual dues will be charged along with the fees for the month.

Security will be refunded at the time of the withdrawal from the school provided all the school dues have been paid. It will have to be claimed within six months of the date of withdrawal of the pupil from the school, otherwise it will lapse. If a student is absent without any information for more than 15 days, his/her name will be struck off and his/her security will be forfeited.